Welcome: A Letter to Readers

Dear Readers,

I’m pretty sure someone said that every idea starts with a dream. However, this one started with the lack thereof and I seriously hope that it won’t be jinxed from the get-go because of that.

To put it simply, I had an idea sometime around 3am one night, to create a virtual place where people could share their experiences, interests and write about things that they really want to write about. Primarily women because they are often portrayed as tokens (the non-binary, however, aren’t portrayed at all). Just count all the times that you watched a show where there was a single main female character that had to carry the weight of representing a staggering 49.6% of the population. If she was overly studious and turned into a stereotype of a women who only knew facts and science, well – everyone who didn’t fit that stereotype wasn’t satisfied. If she was standardly attractive and served only to flirt with the rest of the characters, how could she ever represent those who couldn’t flirt to save their lives?

Read the rest on our new site!



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