The Woman Pirate Who Terrorized the Whole of China

By Molly L.
Photo source

In a public education, you rarely find stories about women. There are the few allegories smattered through the textbook, but no real in depth stories about the women who truly kick ass. Women like Ching Shih.

To illustrate this point, I did a quick search for the top ten pirates of all time. Almost All were male, and a majority were European. Ching Shih didn’t make it on the list, despite the fact that she was as good as (or better than) those on the list.

Ching Shih starts out from not so humble roots. She was a prostitute, sold into marriage with pirate captain Ching I.

After she joins her husband’s fleet, it starts getting better. It goes from a pretty decent sized fleet, raking in some pretty decent profit to a full-sized, terror of the seas, ass-kicking Armada.

Her husband dies six years later (from a tsunami) but this doesn’t phase Ching Shih, instead she marries the first mate and takes control of her husband’s fleet. Y’know like any normal woman in the 1800’s would do.

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