Nicola Adams and Why I Love Her

By Bethany Climpson


I think we just need to take a moment to talk about Nicola Adams.

If you don’t already know (and I will be astounded if you don’t), Nicola Adams is the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title– which she earned in 2012 in London. Adams is part of Team GB, and will also be competing this year in Rio.

(If you’re trying to keep up to date, Adams was given a bye for the first round, meaning that because there was an odd amount of fighters, she was randomly selected not to fight, and to automatically be entered in round two. She will be competing on the 16th of August at 3 pm GMT, so make sure to watch!)

Not only is she the world’s first female boxing champion, but she is also the first ever English female to earn a medal at a major tournament. This was the European Championships in 2007, where she won silver – and then, in 2011, she won Great Britain’s first ever gold, too. Not only that (because, oh yes, there is more), Nicola Adams is the first English woman to receive a medal in the 2008 AIBA Women’s World Championships.

She is literally Great Britain’s most decorated female boxer, and she owns my ass.

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