Latinas at Rio 16

By Jenifer Lamadrid


There’s something about the Olympics that brings a sense of patriotism to an an all time high. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of healthy competition? And given that this is the first time a Latin American Country will host the Olympics here is a list of Latina athletes who we will be cheering on.


  1.     Marta Vieira da Silva  (Football, Brasil)

While the name Hope Solo is synonymous with female athletes and women’s football, the title of best footballer actually goes to this 30 year-old Brazilian. Having won the FIFA World Player award 5 consecutive times, the all time goalscorer of the Women’s World Cup, recipient of two golden Boots, and the top goalscorer in the history of Brazilian football (yes both men and women), it’s even more impressive when you take in account that Marta had no formative training until she was 14 years old. And yet the only thing missing from this Latina’s trophy stand is a major championship title. After a promising start with 5-1 victory over the Swedish where she scored two goals, the road to the gold and the hugely coveted championship title is looking good for Marta.

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