Asexuality Myth Busts

By Tierney


“What does asexual mean?” Hint: if you just pictured Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, rethink your answer.

Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction. It’s still its own sexuality, however! Sexual attraction does not equal sexuality. Also, sexual attraction does not equal sex drive.

“Asexuals never have sex.” Myth! While there are asexuals who are sex-repulsed–which means they are disgusted by sex, the idea of sex, and sexual activity–there are also sex-positive asexuals, which means they are fine with sex or even love having sex themselves, and sex-indifferent asexuals, which means they don’t really care much either way.

“All asexuals hate sex and people who have sex.” Myth! While as stated there are sex-repulsed asexuals, most asexual people don’t really care about the sex lives of others.

“Asexuality is just a modifier for your real orientation.” Myth! Asexuality is defined as its own sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality, and every other sexuality out there.

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