Did I Just Waste The Last Five Years of My Life?

By Carrie


The time has come for me to retake the entry exam for my legal application. It’s time to dive into the books and re-learn all the useless information I’ve forgotten over the last year because they were—well, useless – which is why they’d flown out of my head in the first place.

Let me give you some back story first, though. Graduating from law school in Poland is just the beginning for us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young pretenders. We graduate with a pretty diploma, a title and absolutely zero license to work in our chosen profession. For that, we need to get through that application, when someone experienced takes us under their wing and teaches us how to actually use the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the course of our studies. Which is fine, really. More often then not, us lawyers make decisions that directly affect the lives of our clients. It’s not just the judges or prosecutors, but bailiffs, solicitors, notaries. Our signature carries a certain weight behind it which is why I absolutely agree that we need to have as much guidance as possible before we’re certified to practice.

But it takes time and money we don’t have because despite years spent studying, we’re only a tiny step closer to achieving our goals.

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