Loud and Alive has moved!

Dear Readers,

After almost a month of Loud and Alive existing on loudandaliveblog.wordpress.com, we are proud to say that the response we have received was incredible. Starting out, we did presume that there would be people who would recognize our purpose but we could have never even dreamed of you all liking it this much.

So we took the logical next step.

We got ourselves a real domain and purchased our own hosting service, all to bring you an even bigger and better Loud and Alive!

Are we tired, after finishing the switch from our old domain and WordPress to this new look and a new place you can find us on? Yes. We really, really are. There have been ups and downs but we are still kicking, we are still loud and alive (a/n: okay, I just couldn’t help myself, sue me). We plan on staying that way.

The articles, stories and essays Bethany and I have had the pleasure of reading throughout the last few weeks not only opened our eyes, but opened our hearts as well. It’s one thing to keep your thoughts to yourself, muse on them, but some days, it’s not enough. Some days, you have to read an article that states the point you have wanted to make for the longest time and you just feel understood. Other days, you have to understand something you might have never even thought about.

To put it simply: we are growing, as people, as a site. And we are hoping that you will stick with us in the future because one thing is for sure – Loud and Alive is going to exist for as long as it takes, and it will forever want to hear your thoughts.

For that exact reason, we will forever accept submissions. You can send them, or your ideas, to loudandaliveblog@gmail.com or contact us on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr.
I have been told that it would be corny to say that it is because you, my dear readers, are the true Loud and Alive but hey, I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway. It’s the truth. Feel free to feel second-hand embarrassment.

And if you want to read about our first-hand embarrassment, we have branched out onto Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. We try to be eloquent but sometimes you just gotta write embarrassing stuff. Life is like a box of tweets; you never know which one is going to make you cringe harder.

So, without further ado, we are proud to present to you an even better Loud and Alive. We hope you will join us and let us know what you think! And in the words of one of our dear readers,


Let’s celebrate being loud and alive!


Lana Rafaela


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