Bi Visibility Week: Being a Bisexual Girl in a Relationship

In honor of this year’s Bi Visibility Week (September 19-26), Loud and Alive will be publishing pieces on different experiences of different people, all of whom identify as bisexual. Stay tuned!


So what is my bi experience?

Being a bisexual woman in a relationship is something I never really thought of that much in my life. GASP HOW DARE SHE NOT OWN HER SEXUALITY, BE FREE YOU BI BUTTERFLY

Hey now, I totally werk being a bi butterfly, but here’s a little background so you can become familiar with my bi experience.

So my name is Sydney, I’m 23 and a bi woman in a relationship with a guy. We’ve been in a long term committed relationship for over 5 years, and he’s my person. Yes, I can feel you rolling your eyes at me through the screen, sue me, he’s my person, he’s it for me and he’s all I want.

Now this is where my sexuality never really became a game changer for me. It’s not like I introduce my partner and I say: “Hey I’m Sydney, this is my partner Adam BUT I AM A BEAUTIFUL flashing lights BI light up sign BEING points to BI R US t-shirt

Am I into both girls and guys? Yes. Am I flaunting it like if I was single and actively looking to have fun? Not today, I have all I need and have no desire to actively look elsewhere. And this is why most people always seem shocked if it ever gets brought up. SURPRISE BI, yes we do hide in plain sight, call me straight for being in a long-term relationship with a boy and I may just steal your girl, WHADDUP. (That was a terrible joke but if you’re that ignorant then check yourself before you wreck yourself cause your ass about to get educated.)

Many people think that just because I’m in a relationship with a guy that my sexuality identity can be erased. “You’ve been dating a guy, girl, you straight.” No, I’m just faithful. Still not straight.

Regardless of if I was single or not, I’m still bisexual woman who, if she chose, could have a consenting relationship or sexual experience with whomever she choose. Currently, I choose my partner, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. So, no, I’m not just another straight girl dating a guy. I’m a bi girl dating a guy but that doesn’t mean I’m magically straight; it means I am bi.

It’s who I am and being in a relationship may change whether or not if I pursue others, but it doesn’t change my sexual identity.


Sydney is a twenty-something nurse from Canada. Recently she’s trying her hand at being an outdoorsy 20-something in rural Ontario where you may find her playing in snowdrifts and hiding from mosquitoes. Sometimes she’s pretty funny, usually she’s just sassy and swears too much. You can follow her on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, if you want her beautiful face to grace your presence.


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