Monday Good News: How Cards Against Humanity Support Women in STEM

This week, we learned that help can come from the most unlikely places when Cards Against Humanity announced that they would be giving scholarships to women in STEM – again.

Bet you didn’t expect that one, huh?

In fact, Cards Against Humanity’s creators have been doing this for two years in a row now. The scholarship trust (which is now $950,000 and means paying for the full ride) is funded by sales of Cards Against Humanity’s Science Pack.


In the company’s community director, Jenn Bane’s, words – a lot of people there have background in science and technology. “Ask a kid to draw a scientist, they’ll draw a man in a lab coat, because science and math are historically male-dominated fields. Cards Against Humanity has a large audience, so with the Science Ambassador Scholarship we hope to help change the public perception of what a scientist looks like.”

The same people who have changed our perceptions of how moral people we actually are, are now looking to change the perception of scientists. It’s no secret that women in STEM receive less opportunities, and young girls aren’t even encouraged to pursue science like their male counterparts.

Therefore, to see a company like this one – catering to the millennials’ sense of entertainment (which includes social justice in a staggering, albeit positive, amount) – actually doing something to make this world a better place for women in STEM, well – it’s a breath of fresh air.

So, how can you apply for Science Ambassador Scholarship?

You have to be either a college or a high school student, and you should submit a three minute video explaining the scientific topic you are most passionate about.

Last year’s winner, Sona Dadhania (a sophomore at University of Pennsylvania studying Materials Science and Engineering), submitted a video explaining nanotechnology and she was shocked to find out that she won but she hopes that “as Science Ambassador, I can inspire a passion and love for science in someone else.”

Well, Cards Against Humanity are sure doing their part.

To all the women in STEM – the deadline is December 11th 2016, so get your videos ready and unleash that enthusiasm! Good luck!


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