I Don’t Want to Talk About Donald

I don’t want to talk about Donald, because I’ve honestly had enough of the subject. So this is my official statement, this is where I stand (or sit, because my legs are too weak to hold me up after the news of his win) on the subject of Donald Trump.

First, I will refer to him as ‘Donald’. This is something I learnt from Hillary Clinton during her debates, in which she referred to him not as ‘Trump’ – a name that carries meaning and power – but by his first name, Donald – a name with the connotations of a whiney little child, which is actually what I see him as.

Second, I may live in England, be English, and exceptionally protective of my country, but I am allowed to have opinions on foreign politics (contrary to the belief of some of those who have discussed this subject with me). This means I also understand that the Americans who I may address in this essay are very protective of their country, too. When I do so, I am also largely talking to those who voted for Trump, or third party.

So, here we go:

On the eighth of November, 2016, America validated the racists. America validated the sexists and the homophobes – and America gave them power.

Here’s the truth: Many (not all, but many) of the Leave voters for Brexit were voting based on the topic of immigrants. They were voting racially. They were voting to keep people out. Many (not all, but many) of the Leave votes were racist votes. And the racist votes won! Half of the country agreed with the racists who believed in separation over unity, and that validated them. That gave them power. That gave them the confidence to come out of the shadows and act discriminately in the light.

Sure, some Brexit voters were voting due to the fearmongering of the Leave party, and under the impression that the money that was said to be going to the UN would be going to the NHS – but by taking the same stance as the racists, by taking their protest vote, they handed over power to the people who were voting out of hate.

After Brexit, crime went up 60%. It’s been six months and the numbers are yet to fall to the amount we had it at before the vote – because those 60% felt empowered. They felt like they were being told, yes, you were right. Committing discriminatory crimes is okay now.

I would be willing to put money on the crime rate in America rising now that the hateful people have been empowered, and they were empowered because a hateful, misogynistic, disgusting man-child with a ten-year old’s reading level was given the title of President of the United States. That title is supposed to hold respect, it’s supposed to be taken by the person with the best plan for the country, it’s supposed to be a title that we say with reverence, impressed that someone earned a country’s belief.

That title has never been held by someone without political or military experience until now.

America, you’ve handed over your country to a man with no experience. I can’t even get a low level retail job without experience, and yet you’re happy to just shove a title like President into the hands of a corrupt and multiple-times-bankrupted businessman?

It makes me feel sick.

It makes me wonder why we even bother.

There’s a lot of parts to it all, to the election, to the upset and the images that I’ve seen over and over of people crying over the result. There’s a lot that it comes down to; the electoral colleges making up the points, not the exact majority of votes – so a democrat voter in a state like Georgia doesn’t even get their voice heard. There’s the (frankly, idiotic) protest votes of third party candidates who know that they have no chance of winning, but run because they can – because they’re idealistic, and so are their voters.

And then there’s the sexism, which is what I keep coming back to every single time I think about this election and about this result.

Donald is a businessman, a corrupt, misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, paedophilic, alleged rapist of a businessman with no experience in the domain that he has entered, nor plans that he has told us of for the future of the country he is now set to lead.

Hillary Clinton is a politician with thirty years of experience, who is over-qualified for the role of President, who is one of the most progressive candidates we’ve ever seen, who is trusted by and supports practically all of the bills and decisions made by current President Barack Obama, and who has changed her stance and learned when it came to becoming a better person, and giving more rights to the people who need it.

If Hillary Clinton lost this job to a man who likened all Mexicans to rapists and criminals, then what chance is there of the rest of us women getting jobs against the straight white men who oppose us?

There isn’t one.

There’s no hope for us.

And that’s just it.

I grew up in a Christian Baptist church, and the religion seems to be run on three principles: Love, Trust and Hope. Love and trust, yes are exceptionally important, when it comes to religion and when it comes to uniting a country, but hope is always needed for the fall out.

Hope is so important, so significant and necessary – especially now, especially to those whose lives are going to be put in danger when it comes to deportation and conversion therapy. I really want you guys to have hope. I really do.

Because I don’t.

I don’t have hope anymore.

And I lost mine when I turned on my phone this morning and saw what America had decided, and that they had chosen hate. A country that hates each other isn’t an acceptable super power of a place; it isn’t somewhere I can trust to go to and live in, it isn’t a place where I could feel safe.

Only one man actively allowed and encouraged this side of country to come out and make neighbours and members of their community feel as if they don’t belong there anymore.

So, no, I don’t want to talk about Donald anymore.





You can find out more about Bethany on her author page.


One thought on “I Don’t Want to Talk About Donald

  1. Emily C says:

    This is exactly how I feel about the result, honestly it makes me sick to see it. I walked around all day getting asked what my opinion was and how did I feel about the election and in the end I had to just walk out of the room when my family put the news on and it was reporting the election. I think you’re absolutely right, America has let hatred win, as did the UK with Brexit. To be quite honest, it seems the world has well and truly reverted back to ancient ideals and beliefs regarding gender and race and sexuality (amongst others), or maybe they just never changed and I was too naive and hopeful to really acknowledge that until it all came to light this year.

    Thank you for putting this all into words!


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