You Must Continue

Life tends to fall apart quite wholly and quite unexpectedly.

One minute standing tall in the midst of a universe of possibilities, 

but blink, and you may find yourself missing life 

or worse, masked in the shade of an inescapable reality. 

And you may feel that one person is your whole world 

but at a point, you must realize that you are not just a chapter of someone else’s story. 


You can, and you must figure out 

that as much as silence can have power, 

words can have infinitely more. 

It is the only way you will move forward. 

And even when you wonder why everyone speaks of a broken heart 

but you never hear words about a broken spirit, 

you must continue to wonder. 

You must continue to marvel. 


Now you may wonder why people speak of hope being ever present 

when for you it has become a strenuous mental exercise that you have to keep yourself believing. 

Because without this hope what is someone like you to do. 

And you may wonder how words strung into limp sentences could have the power to shatter your world, 

or how those same words could be strung together and create whole new beginnings. 

Walt Whitman once wrote about all going onward and outward and nothing collapsing  

and while this may be true, perhaps he was wrong that death is a luckier fate. 

Maybe, just perhaps, there is a greater life out there yet to be discovered. 


Because maybe the feeling of the sun on your back 

could be enough to bring new meaning to the word life. 

But if not maybe you could find a better one through the pages of a book, 

breathe fresher air at the peak of a mountain,

or come alive through a piece of art or a song. 


Because as much as darkness may feel all encompassing 

it is only fair to remember there is light in the world too.

Kailyn Arthur is a queer, mixed race actress and writer from Vancouver, B.C. When Kailyn isn’t writing or acting she spends her time singing loudly, dancing badly and being an all around nuisance.

You can find her on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (fckyouitskai). 

illustration by Darren Hopes

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