Unyielding Love

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i keep thinking about love
but i can’t get my fingers
around it,
a baby cries
breaking my thoughts.

the other day, i cried in my car
full of rage and grief
and somehow, full of love.
don’t ask me how
i don’t know how to stop loving
(perhaps i eat too well
unwilling to harden my heart.)

all of this, politics or society,
i could give it up tomorrow
if love didn’t cry out to me.
without her, i could leave
i could let out my wilderness
and return to the trees.

but love was sealed in my bones
or perhaps in the stars’ first deaths
a love that feels beyond
the ends of my skin.
thank god for the mother holding
the baby,
despite her sleepless nights
and red faced howls,
there’s love, wondrous love.



Katie Simpson is a writer and photographer based in Washington DC. Her work has been published in Femsplain, Ravishly, Rust + Moth amongst others. When not writing, you can find her drinking chai lattes and working on her yoga poses. Find her online at: The Honest Creative or on Twitter.  

illustration by Meagan Segal



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