7 Ways to Have a Better Day



Although the issue of mental health is recognised more in this day and age, it is still something that many people struggle with. During my own mental battles, I found a few things that helped bring me up when I hit the low points.

None of these are magic fixes and it varies from day to day. Some days are easier to cope with, while others are near impossible.


  1.      The great outdoors

When I begin to get super frustrated or heavily depressed, I stay in bed. I literally can not leave the house. Sometimes when you feel that bad, the best thing is to force that cute butt out. I love beautiful walks in parks and just being surrounded by nature. There is something about being outside, in the cold air and quiet that just soothes the soul.


  1.      Food

Now I don’t mean eat your feelings away – although sometimes that does help. But treat yourself. If you have a favourite dish / pudding / drink, let yourself enjoy it.


  1.      Cats

This applies to any animal. But being around little cuties helps – I swear it’s science. Go force-cuddle your pet or a random animal. Like I said…. Science.


  1.      Escape

Now this is slightly tricky because if you are anything like me, you will be prone to addiction. I read and watch things to escape the world and in turn end up heavily attached to fictional worlds and people. But I have found that it is possible in moderation (with a lot of self-control). Curl up with a good book or watch an episode of your favourite show.


  1.      Lists

I get super lazy and hopeless. So I have found that lists help – as geeky as it may sound. I make lists to make sure I get things done and the feeling of crossing things off is pretty awesome.


  1.      Socialise

I don’t mean throw yourself into an uncomfortable situation. But grab a coffee with a good friend. Get out there and be around other people.


  1.      Talk

If it gets too much – don’t be afraid to tell someone how you feel. Tell a friend / sibling / parent. If you are really struggling to tell someone, tell me – sometimes talking to a stranger is deeply therapeutic.


So these are a few of the things I have found that help me get through the pain of this world. It may not work for everyone and it won’t cure you.

But please keep fighting. You may feel weak now, but I promise you are a force to be reckoned with. Because it is easy to be strong when there is nothing to fear. But not giving up when things get hard – that is real courage.


Mitta is a 24 year old from the UK, she is Indian, Muslim and technically Brazilian. She loves loves loves to read and is obsessed with cats. Check out her poetry on  @mt-1992.


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