A Eulogy for My Heart




You had been the kind of heart I have always dreamed of having: valiant and dauntless.

A warrior. What better way to paint you than that? I couldn’t think of a word that would suit you better. Because you really were. I was witness to all the battles you’ve won and the battles you’ve lost—I knew because you fought those battles for me. I didn’t ask for it, I never would. But you knew just what I needed: someone to fight for me when nobody would.

You continued to beat for the people I loved. It was painful for you but you did it anyway, because you said you need to continue beating just so I could live. I lived through all the heartbreak and heartache because you were there with me. You continued to beat for me—until you couldn’t.

But more than everything, you loved with a love that didn’t hold back. I told you all about the pain and the hardship and how you would end up this way. I knew about it all and I warned you, but you didn’t stop. And now I couldn’t be prouder. Because you too, you knew about it all and you did it anyway. Because that’s what warriors do right? They stick to what they believe in and they fight for it. Even when their fate is doomed from the very beginning.

I know you would continue watching over me from up there, if a “heaven of hearts” does exist. And I would continue to live on your behalf. I would continue to live because you deserve to demand that from me; because this is the least I can do for you. I would continue to live, a heartless one to be exact—but I would continue to live for the heart that once existed, for the heart that once fought on my behalf.

You’ve fought hard. You’ve fought with all your might and now you deserve to rest.

In loving memory of the heart that once beat for you: goodbye.


Jasmine Santos is a free spirit roaming in the worlds of poetry in search for liberty—a way to find freedom from the mundane boundaries. You can find more of her works at jpsaintsblg.wordpress.com and on her Tumblr.


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