The Therapy Kingdom



Hello there, I am currently lightly sick as I write this. I hope everyone is having a good day, as I’m here to welcome you to The Therapy Kingdom.

Therapy Kingdom has been a part of me for some time now, and the origin story is something I take pride in. Because, it all begin with me having good group of friends for the first time. We were all in middle school, some of us including myself were in Year 8 where as some of our younger friends were in Year 7. We all met in Physical Education class (and few I’ve met in different places) and we didn’t have any friends nor did we want to walk into already made cliques. So our teacher, who has treated us kindly throughout the year, put us all together.

From there, awkward introductions, cracking some lame jokes, eventually grew to all of us meeting up during every lunch time under a certain tree in our school and bond. I think we can all admit we were all going through different personal situations by ourselves and were quite self conscious.

Some time after, I begin to open up. About personal things, what I struggled with, and just about how I feel. Never having proper friends up to this point, my people skills were quite rusty. But I had this thought that not telling them my feelings or what’s going on with me, was like lying to them. I told them about my various mental illness and situations I dealt with. One by one, they all opened up to me at their own comfortable pace and I never wanted us to separate out.

There’s one of the gentlemen here and a dear friend of mine that’s going through quite a tough time. To add to already personal struggles, he’s not able to access social media of any sort without his family poking their noses in. Another thing that really made me go through with this project is the fact that I know everyone in the group quite well but others don’t know each other as much yet. Sometimes there are differences that puts us at a different pace to get to know each other in depth. With the distance that separates us physically, it’s extremely hard for everyone to gather up.

So with all these factors in mind I created all the social media under this name and an e-mail to go with it to make everything easier for everyone. All notifications will come to me, so it won’t alert the unwanted people. And when the holiday breaks comes around, I can ask everyone when they’re available and I can set up a time and what we can do. It’s quite important to me, in the very least.

This kingdom consists mostly to victims of abuse. Physical, mental, and/or emotional. That puts us at a disadvantage in ways that affect our daily lives. In addition to feeling anxious or sad in a situation where normal people are calm and collected, some of us have certain habits or ticks that makes it obvious for others. For example, I’m extremely self conscious in speaking. I love to talk and discuss but I am an anxious person and I often bite my lips or nails, I would start shaking, stuttering, mumbling, or hyperventilating. So, that’s not cool and usually just being around people from Therapy Kingdom is a safe space for me and I can slowly but surely calm down and when they do notice that something is off or I tell them that I am not well. They’re here to support me, get what I need, and be there.

It’s so so important that safe space exists and I can say that it has encouraged me more to not be angry at myself when I relapse which I also think is an important thing to be reminded of. Going outside can be tough sometimes as some of us, again myself included, are queer. We can get weird looks or sometimes even vulgar words thrown in our faces. Dealing with these types of behavior often times by adults can be quite difficult alone.

So we stick together. Here we know we are not alone. We can always keep fighting. It is a safe space. It is a comforting space. It is a loving space. And we encourage people to follow us as we reblog/talk about fandoms, recovery, and just general positively around here. Feel free to come stop by our social media. For individual ones, check the link [here].

Before I finish this off I just want to say thank you so so much for this opportunity, Lana and everyone at Loud and Alive. We checked out their blog and they’re very organized and have variety of topics written and amazing art. We appreciate this a lot and it means greatly to us, and we send our love and support to you guys and what you all do.

Much Love From Each and Every One of Us,

Written by Sachi on behalf of everyone in Therapy Kingdom.


The Therapy Kingdom is one of the projects that we, at Loud and Alive, side with and endorse. We urge you to take a look at their blog!

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you are starting a project of your own or know of one like it. Our mission has always been empowerment and healing, and we would love to help you with yours!


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