“Anything’s Possible If You Have Enough Nerve.” – Ginny Weasley

I’m a girl who knows that you are only limited by your own fear. I’ve been beaten, knocked down and felt helpless and it may take some time but I will always get back up.

In my little time spent on Earth, I’ve done a lot. I’ve learned how to fight from some of my favorite actors, studied in Oxford, England during the summer, and I’ve sang with my school choir at the Vatican. Our lives are made up of movement but mine are shaped by stories.

I am created by powerful women, real and fictional who inspire me to do better and be stronger. I am influenced by the revolutions that ignite countries to fight harder for what I believe in. I am transformed by the love stories I indulge in. I am fascinated by history and television, I love learning and I hope I’ll always be learning. I have a super secret chocolate cookie recipe. I love Shakespeare, Greek Mythology, YA Novels, Morally Dubious characters and poetry.

My name’s Abby. I’m a bisexual college student with a dream to work on Television. I am a fighter, a fangirl, a survivor, a writer and a nerd.

You can find Abby on Tumblr, Twitter and AO3.