At any given moment, we are all floating aimlessly through time and space. Each of us is enjoying our own personal timeline completely different from each others’. On some fundamental level we are all the same, though. We are all living on this earth at the same time. We are all breathing and imagining and looking up to the stars and feeling. We are all human. But, within this common reality, we are also experiencing our own completely personal timeline.

Here’s a quick summary of my reality:

I’m Ashlyn. My reality began in 1999. I’m currently a senior in high school in Austin, Texas, USA. I’m a Pantheist, which focuses on the reverence of nature. I’m a 2 on the Kinsey Scale. My passions include history (which happens to be my intended major), cooking, writing, music, and all things film and theatre.

My goal here is to connect with fellow humans like me, not only on the things we have in common but on the things that make us completely different.

You can find Ashlyn on Twitter