What Hillary Clinton Means To Me

by Abby


Hillary Clinton and her nomination for president means a lot to me as a young woman. Her nomination means that my daughter will never have to go through what I did as a kid. I, as a young intelligent girl who wanted to enter politics, looked at the presidents and immediately thought “Abby, get a new dream”. Her nomination and future presidency means that my daughter will always know that she can do anything.

Yes, my generation has been told that we can do anything boys can do but there is difference when as children we looked at all the men who held position of power in our government and saw how few women there were. It’s a demoralizing realization that many girls my age faced when we were young; that promises made by our parents and teachers and other trusted adults were not reality.

I watched Clinton’s acceptance speech and nomination with my mom and it was absolutely incredible to share that with my mother, the woman who has shaped my feminism, who has taught me that when you save one life you save a world and has shown through her actions that one person can help shape the world and make it a little better for my children. I also could feel my grandmother, watching from heaven, hands on mine and my mom’s shoulders. My grandmother worked tirelessly for equal opportunity and she is an inspiration to both my mom and I.

More than what Hillary Clinton means to me as a feminist, it’s what she means to me as a disabled student.

As I was watching Hillary’s speech and Chelsea’s before her I was suddenly struck with the realization that the woman who was just nominated for president is a key reason why I was able to receive the education I got.

Let me repeat this: Hillary’s actions are the reason I am going to my first choice college.

Hillary Clinton forced public schools to work with and for their disabled students. Hillary Clinton went door to door and actually talked with disabled students to figure out what they need.  Hillary Clinton helped create a comprehensive plan for disabled students to attend school and thrive.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t just say this is a problem, she goes out and talks with people on the front lines and comes back with a plan that is doable and helpful.

Hillary Clinton is willing to work with us to make the world a better place.

Yes, she has changed her position on issues but once again she changed her position because she became educated. We need to stop crucifying people for their ignorance, for the time and culture they grew up in and acknowledge that admitting when they are wrong takes a lot of courage. And that Hillary Clinton has become a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights in both deeds and words.

Hillary Clinton gives me hope. She gives me hope as a female, as someone with a disability and as someone with a passion to make the world better.


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