Picture this: you’ve spent the past two years absorbing various useless information for courses you never wanted to take, and now it swirls about your mind on a daily basis, reminding you of the exams you surely failed, and the side of the world that you really don’t care for. It’s all there in your head, the philosophers, sociologists, theories and ideas – and suddenly, you hear a conversation.

It’s between people you know peripherally; barely, but just enough. They’re talking about your subject; this subject that you can’t stand, but know far too much about. You can either let the information rot in the back of your mind, and stay where you are, mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, or you can approach them and blow them away with your vast and impressive knowledge of Dawkins, Marxism or how the American Dream causes deviance and crime.

For a moment, you consider what to do, but inevitably you crave validation and you head over, saying hello and slipping into the conversation, ready to absolutely astound them with your intelligence and wide vocabulary. Instead, the information leaves your mind and you stumble, unwittingly, through a conversation that ten seconds ago you were prepared for. You make an absolute fool of yourself and destroy all semblance of respect that these people previously had for you.

You have just pictured my daily life. My name is Bethany Climpson, I am an editor here at Loud and Alive, and I am, in my essence, a complete shambles of a person.



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