I am stitched together from whole-wheat toast and belief.

I believe in God, in ice cream, in the innate human goodness that can never be totally hidden away. That one perfect song. The tight spiral of a Hail Mary that ends up in the arms of your wide receiver in the end zone just as the clock goes to zero. The intangibles, like hope and sadness and love.

I believe in knowledge, perhaps to a fault. That every day, this world evolves into a better place because education becomes more readily available to those who seek it. In Hebrew, the most intelligent and learned individuals are referred to as “talmidei chachamim”, wise students, and I aspire to join their ranks, because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that you can never learn enough.

It’s been 21 years, and I can finally say that I believe in myself.

My name is Caroline, and I believe in words, and ultimately, that’s why I’m here.


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