“Human Wikipedia”

“Walking CliffsNotes”

“Google it… or just ask Mel”

And other fascinating, real-life reviews from friends and one of my junior college teachers that make me sound like a really fun person!

What does this tell you about me, other than I tend to associate with people who indulge excessively in hyperbole?

I don’t know. Seriously, what does it tell you? I’m curious.

In all honesty, I haven’t quite figured out the impetus behind my constant need to know things. The most ineffective advice I’ve ever received is to “let it go”. I don’t know how to do that. I have to know, Elsa!

My mother says I “have nothing better to do”. My closest friends say I “make them feel better” when I’m “such a know-it-all”.

My own personal theory is that if I’m going to let my vivid imagination fly, boundless and free, then I better damn well be able to find my way back down to solid ground.

My name is Mel, and please feel free to correct me.


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